I think I am totally in love with these Hello Kitty Hinamatsuri sets. They”re mega cute and tiny!! Sanrio recently announced these on Hello Kitty”s official fan page on Facebook. The site”s description of the product reads:

“Honoring Hinamatsuri, a traditional Japanese Doll Festival also know online casino as Girls” Day celebrated in Japan on March 3 each year, Sanrio in a special collaboration with Re-Ment presents a celebratory set of beautifully designed miniature figurines and accessories featuring Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.

You can check out more photos of the miniatures HERE.

On Hina Matsuri, it is tradition to set up a series of platforms covered in red, featuring dolls that represent the Emperor, Empress, and the members of the royal court. Their clothes usually resemble those of the Heian period. The holiday originated from an ancient Japanese custom of doll-floating. Straw dolls were placed in a boat and sent down to the sea. It was believed that the dolls took the troubles and bad luck away with them.

And, here is some chirashizushi with little Hello Kitty heads in them! Lovers of cute should definitely find fun ways to celebrate Hina Matsuri. Lolita tea party, anyone?

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