With the end of February coming fast, it”s time for Hina Matsuri again. A traditional Japanese holiday, known as the Doll Festival, or Day of the Girls, comes every year on March 3rd. Hina Matsuri is a seasonal festival to pray for a girl”s growth and health. Traditionally, homes are decorated with beautiful sets of male and female dolls that represent the Emperor and Empress, and the royal court. If you are curious about the holiday, you could read the Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi posts about it from last year HERE and HERE.

It seems this year, the Fukui Prefectural nbso Dinosaur Museum has decided to put a new spin on the holiday. Visitors to the museum will find themselves facing not regular Hina Matsuri dolls, but… DINOSAURSSSS!!!!!! That”s right, a pair of very realistic looking dinosaurs dressed up in beautiful kimono. It”s quite unnerving and awesome. I have a feeling the museum will be having a lot of visitors this month!

If you are interested in the step by step creation process of the dino couple, here is a link to a Japanese website with lots of pictures. Again, it”s pretty damn awesome. http://dinomodel.cocolog-nifty.com/dinosaurs/2012/02/post-5bca.html

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