Horadekita Candy Apple

Blippo, a Kawaii e-shop, was gracious to send us a sample of this delicious apple candy called “Horadekita.” It’s one of those simple do-it-yourself kits. Let’s take a look!

Upon pulling out the contents, the apple aroma was quite strong! Couldn’t help but sniff the inside of the bag before playing with my candy! (lol)

The kit comes with seven candy apples, syrup, and sprinkles!

I find it a little difficult to squeeze out the syrup though.

Scratch that, it took me way too long to squeeze that much out! Syrups are messy business!

Got the sprinkles in!!

Time for a taste test!


Yummy! I love apple-flavored anything! This kit was very fun and tasty. Big thanks to Blippo for sending over a sample for me to try and tell you guys about it. If you’re interested in purchasing one yourself, head to their website. Free international shipping to the US!

Blippo Official Homepage
Direct Link to Horadekita Candy Apple Kit

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