The Japanese Rock Star, Tomoyasu Hotei is touring in Europe now.

He will be playing in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, including cities where he hasn’t visited yet.

Message from Hotei:
You can not move a thousand audiences’ hearts unless you can grasp the heart of one audience in front of you.
I’ve started from a small venue in Japan, and I got to play at the huge stadium
And now I am proud of myself that I am trying to open the door to the world from a small venue.
Nothing will happen if we wait..
It is called “dream” when you move forward yourself and get it.
I have absolute confidence in my live performances.
Even if people do not know about me, when they listen to me and my fantastic band play, everyone will start surely dance.
I want to deliver my vivid, raw music to the people who have gotten tired of listening to mechanical and standardized music.
I am looking forward to meeting as many as people on this European tour.

In 2016, Hotei released the best album for celebrating the 35th anniversary for his music career, and he performed 57 shows including the Japan tour.

Also, Hotei became a great friend with the Italian superstar Zucchero and played in Zucchero’s latest album “Black Cat” which became platinum.

They are also played together in a special event in Tokyo that Zucchero’s first visit to Japan, Royal Albert Hall in London, and his show at Arena di Verona in Italy.

The bonds with Zucchero continued in 2017. In February, Hotei played with Zucchero at the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy and also played on a huge TV show with him that had a 70% of viewer rating and 10 million people watched.

Also in 2016, Hotei released the single “Strangers” that he invited the punk godfather, Iggy Pop and Richard Z. Kruspe (Emigrate / Rammstein) to play and he made his international debut with this single.

He also performed his first LA show at the LA’s legendary venue Troubador, played a solo show at Highline Ballroom in New York, Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin.

We hope his current European tour will be a huge success!

Please go to Hotei website for more info.

Hotei featuring Iggy Pop – “Walking Through The Night”

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