Want to get married in Japan? Would you feel bad leaving your little doggie at home all day?

Well, if you go to the Yokohama Kokusai Hotel, located right outside Tokyo, to confirm your nuptials, you have the opportunity to include your lovable furry pals in your actual ceremony.

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As the Telegraph UK reports, couples who purchase the “dog wedding” package will see their wedding rings get carried down the aisle by their dog(s), who will then seal the official wedding documents with a pawprint.

Just as human participants in wedding ceremonies, the dogs are treated to luscious pre-ceremony pampering service, with various shampoos and options available to help get rid of that oh-too-familiar dog stench.

The pets can even be dressed in outfits that match the bride and groom!

The Telegraph includes this quote from a hotel spokesman:

“We launched the service because we strongly feel that pets are a very important part of the family in Japan. We love dogs and understand that having a dog is very popular for many young Japanese women.”

Read more about the cute service at the Telegraph’s article.

What would be really crazy would be some kind of pet involvement in the divorce ceremonies that we wrote about last week…

One obvious concern this brings up is the lack of any feline-related services. The hotel offers this “dog wedding” package, but what about the cats? Are they just not as likely to be okay with being dressed up and put into this type of situation? Probably. Still, I guess cat owners might find this offer “species-ist”, but that’s what you get for having a cat, I guess.


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