How To Decorate Quail Eggs for Easter!


Hey KKS viewers! One thing I miss as a kid back in elementary school was egg hunting. I don’t know, something about scavenging for eggs seems like fun and it still is for me. But a grown man like me hunting for eggs would seem silly, right? Haha. ANYWAY… Do you celebrate Easter? Why not try decorating some quail eggs to spice up the upcoming holiday?

In this Easter special of Kawaii Lunch Time, our lovely Yuna will show YOU How to Decorate Quail Eggs! Aren’t these little egg-shaped animals adorable?!

How to Decorate Quail Eggs Instructional Video

What You Will Need for Ingredients:

– Uzura Cutter (Uzura means Quail Egg) (Optionally, you can use scissors/knife to cut the shapes out)
– Quail Eggs
– Carrots
– Kelp
– Cucumber
– Seaweed
– Toothpick & Tweezer
– Ketchup


1. Boil the carrots & kelp for easy cutting.
2. Hard boil eggs and peel the shell under cold water. (Trust us, this makes it so much easier)
3. Follow the above video to see what animals you can make or take a look at our pictures for some idea!

IMG_8430 IMG_8426



Super cute, right? Let us know how yours turn out and what other animals you made aside from the ones in the video and pictures! Get creative because the possibilities are endless! Good luck!

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