How to Make Chopper Bento from One Piece!


Hello Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi viewers! You know we love One Piece so in this video, Yuna will show you how to make Chopper bento! So cute, right?


– Kamaboko (Fish Cake)
– Ham
– White Cheese
– Seaweed
– Unagi Sauce or Soy Sauce
– Design Knife
– Kitchen Paper
– Tweezer
– Scissors
– Blue Food Coloring
– Picture of Chopper!

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1. Separate the pink part of the kamaboko (fish cake) with a knife.
2. Cut out Chopper’s Hat and separate the top part of the hat from the rim for easy cutting later.
3. Place Kitchen paper over the pink part of fish cake and place the hat pieces over the kitchen paper and trace cut the hat.
4. Trace cut the Chopper’s face out of Ham. If the ham is too thin, cut another layer out of ham again or white cheese so it will be on even platform with the hat.
5. Using the white part of the kamaboko or white cheese, cut out 2 eyes, a cross, and triangular nose.
6. Dye the nose in blue food coloring.
7. Cut pupils, 2 eyebrows, and top piece of the mouth out of seaweed.
8. With leftover pink kamaboko or ham, cut out a tiny oval shape for Chopper’s mouth.
9. Assemble everything on the bento box and it should be super cute and yummy to eat!
10. Gift to someone special or enjoy for yourself! Good Luck!

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