How to Make Dango Daikazoku!


Do you love the Anime, Clannad? Did Clannad After Story made you cry? I remember spending my summer crying my eyes out for 2 weeks watching this Anime. The amazing thing about this show was that there were no protagonists & antagonists like your usual stories. It’s just a bunch of kids going through the hardships of life! If you haven’t checked out Clannad, you should! Season 2 of Clannad is rated one of the Top 10 Anime on AnimeNewsNetwork! (Right behind my favorite, Steins;Gate!)

The iconic characters and ending theme song of the show is none other than Nagisa’s favorite cute little dangos, Dango Daikazoku! Big Dango Family! Since Spring is upon us and what better way to pay tribute to our favorite Anime than to make Dangos! A whole lot of them! So in this special episode of Kawaii Lunch Time, we decided to show you How to Make Dango Daikazoku! Yes! It’s really dango and edible! Best of all, it’s easy to make!

What you will need:

– 200g of Dango Powder
– 160mL of Water
– Food Coloring
– Seaweed

(Your measurements may vary!)

How to Make Dango Daikazoku Video Tutorial

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Let us know what you think and if you tried it!

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