How to Make Panda Onigiri – Kawaii Lunch Time Ep 6

Hello KKS Viewers!

After an immense amount of Popin’ Cookin’ videos in December, we’re gonna try to balance things out with more easy DIY bentos! Yay! In this edition of Kawaii Lunch Time, Yuna will show you how to make EASY Panda Onigiri! Granted, we have a kit to help us, you can shape the panda heads with saran wrap as well! If you need an idea on how to do it with saran wrap, check out our Rilakkuma Omurice Bento!

Things you’ll need:

– Panda Onigiri Kit (Saran Wrap can be used alternatively)
– Cooked White Rice
– Seaweed (for facial features)
– Bowl of Water

– Egg
– Meatballs
– Romaine Lettuce

We simply used eggs, meat balls, and romaine lettuce because those were what we had laying around. Be creative with the toppings! You can add whatever you’d like that you think would go well with your onigiri like spam, mini red tomato, carrots, etc!

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