How To Make Rilakkuma Cream Stew!


Hello KKS viewers! Welcome to the LOST episode of Kawaii Lunch Time on How to Make Rilakkuma Cream Stew! We made this video back in Summer 2012 but we decided to release it later. This is a sequel to our Rilakkuma Enjoying Curry Hot Springs video. The Rilakkuma Cream Stew recipe is just as easy and just as delicious to eat! Well, maybe not if you like Curry more. We hope you enjoy! ūüôā

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– White Rice
– Soy Sauce
– Rice Shaping Kit/Saran Wrap
– Cream Stew/Clam Chowder
– Cheese
– Seaweed


1. Mix the rice with Soy Sauce
2. Shape the rice into head, body, arms, & ears
3. Cut the cheese for nose and insides of the ears
4. Cut the seaweed for the eyes and the inside of the nose
5. Arrange everything but the arms & then pour the cream stew over Rilakkuma
6. Place the arms over the cream stew so it looks like Rilakkuma lying down with a blanket! AWW!
7. Serve and Enjoy!

Catch the prequel to this video! How To Make Rilakkuma Curry! Hmm, technically is Korilakkuma…

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