How to Make Rilakkuma Inarizushi!

Oh my god, aren’t these are adorable?! ^^ It brightened my day after Yuna was done making these cute Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Inarizushi! The one with Korilakkuma wearing a Rilakkuma hat? /dies!!

What?! You don’t know what the heck is an Inarizushi?! Well, it is a fried tofu wrapped! The filling is vinegared rice! Super delicious and we can show you how to make Rilakkuma Inarizushi so that it will be cute too!

What you will need:

– Steamed White Rice
– Rice Vinegar
– Inari Skins
– Seaweed
– Quail Eggs
– White Cheese
– Yellow Cheese
– Fish Sausage or Regular Sausage
– The Love for Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma

How to Make Rilakkuma Inarizushi Video

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