Doesn’t that Rilakkuma Omurice look delicious & cute?? We shot a video on how to make this bento and you will be surprised how you can make this with very simple & ordinary ingredients!

What you will need:


• 3 bowls of White Rice
• 2 egges
• 2 tsp katakuriko (starch)
• 2 tsp water
• 5 tbs ketchup
• salt/pepper
• 1 tsp Japanese mayonnaise, such as Kewpie
• ketchup (topping)
• cheese
• seaweed

Instructional Video

This video is our FIRST installment of “Kawaii Lunch Time” on our YouTube channel, theKKSshow! Be sure to keep checking back for more kawaii recipes!

If you have tried this recipe, send us the picture at and we will post it on our Facebook! Also, let us know how it taste! Have fun minna-san!


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