How To Make Totoro Onigiri

Hello KKS Viewers! Did you enjoy our easy Totoro Soba video? Well then you might just enjoy this next one we have right here! In this video, Yuna will show you how to make Totoro Onigiri!

How To Make Totoro Onigiri Video:

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How To Make Totoro Onigiri Written Instructions:

What you will need:
– White Rice
– Sesame
– Seaweed
– Swiss Cheese
– Dry Pasta Stick
– Grinder/Blender
– Water
– Scissor
– Saran Wrap


1. Grind the sesame into bits.
2. Sprinkle the sesame over the white rice and mix well until it looks gray-ish.
3. Take saran wrap, put the sesame rice in it, and mold the body shape similar to the one in the picture above.
4. Do the same for the ears.
5. Take pure white rice and flatten it into a oval-ish shape with saran wrap to make Totoro’s tummy.
6. Unfold the saran wraps and press the tummy and the body together.
7. Cut 4 tiny circles out of swiss cheese to make the eyes.
8. Cut 4 tinier circles out of seaweed to make the pupils.
9. Cut 3 arrows/triangles for the tummy patterns.
10. Cut a tiny oval piece for the nose.
11. Now piece everything together. Use a chopstick with a moist tip for easy sticking with the seaweed patterns.
12. For the whiskers, we used 4 small dry pasta sticks.
13. To make Makkuro Kurosuke, take a square sheet of seaweed, put a bit of rice, and mold it round.
14. Add the eyes to Makkuro Kurosuke.
15. That’s it! Enjoy! 🙂

We hope you guys enjoy this! If you tried it, be sure to send us a picture at or shoot us a video response on YouTube! We will release a tutorial on How to Make Totoro Plush so stay tuned for that exciting video! 🙂

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