“htoL#NiQ”, Nippon Ichi’s take on what an indie game is

With a stylized name like that, how could it NOT be interesting? From the folks that brought you the beloved Disgaea series comes a PS Vita game that ISN’T an SRPG but what seems to be an action game by the name of htoL#NiQ or Firefly’s Diary.

20140320_053925_thumbAnother notable aspect of the game is the interesting art style that Nippon Ichi has decided to use for the game. Everyone is familiar with the noticeably “Japanese” art style in many JRPGs and SRPGs (like Disgaea) but htoL#NiQ utilizes a completely different art style which seems to be a mix of western grim-dark design with some Japanese cuteness (I know this can be entirely subjective but you have to admit that Mion, the main character in the game, looks pretty darn adorable.)


Other than that it seems to have all the fixings of “what an indie game is”: an interesting concept/art style, simple but thought-out gameplay/game mechanics and an overall artsy air to it. It is definitely worth checking out since it’s one of the few times where a large Japanese video game company tried something vastly different from the market currently enjoys. Hopefully it goes well because this game has to get localized. As for Japan, the game comes out on Vita on June 19th.

Here’s a trailer:


Source: Siliconeria

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