The company that makes Sapporo beer, a personal favorite of my parents, has introduced this new beverage, pictured above…called “Space Barley”, the barley used in its creation spent some time in SPACE, making this beer, well, ‘space beer’. Mmmmm.

I’m not quite sure what purpose they had for shooting the barley into space before brewing it into a beverage, but who am I to question the practices of a big beer company? If anything, it sounds neat.

As this article at KomoNews reports,

Got a taste for the space brew? Might as well shoot for the moon. The company said it only brewed 100 liters (slightly more than 211 pints) of Space Barley, and most of it will be used for research.

There are some for sale, however — 250 six-packs with a one-pack limit per person. Each six-pack is priced at 10,000 yen, or about $113.

Not only that, but sales are limited to just people within Japan. So we Americans will have to wonder what Space Beer tastes like. =/

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