Interview with Akira Toriyama reveals news of Goku’s mother and possible Vegeta movie

 In the March edition of Saikyo Jump, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama revealed new information about this beloved series, mainly the identity of Goku’s mother. No concrete information about Goku’s mother, except her name Gine, was revealed and Toriyama said that all would be revealed in the collected release of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.


Gine’s characteristics were described by Toriyama as atypical where Saiyans were war-like but she was gentle and wasn’t meant to be a warrior. More information about Goku’s father, Bardock, painting him as war-like Saiyan but isn’t “cold-hearted and of simple thoughts” like other Saiyans. Basically, Goku was practically genetically programmed to be different from regular Saiyans.

At the end of the interview, Toriyama expressed his wishes for having Vegeta star as the main character in a future animated film but clearly indicated that these were merely hopes and intentions and nothing has been set in motion as of yet. With the most recent Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle of Gods, doing fairly well in theaters, hopefully Toriyama’s intentions comes to fruition.


Personally, I felt Mr. Toriyama was no longer as invested in the Dragon Ball series as he once was and wanted to move onto new projects but with this new information regarding the most well-known character from the series, it’s safe to say he’s at least thinking about expanding the Dragon Ball lore. The Dragon Ball series will always be a blast of nostalgia for me but I’ve grown to appreciate Toriyama’s sense of humor in his other works (especially the character names he comes up with) and I wish he could employ more his is writing/art style without being bound the monolith of a series, Dragon Ball. This could all just be done to promote his newer work, Jaco the Galatic Patrolman, which takes place in the Dragon Ball universe so it would make sense for him to expand on it. Bulma’s sister is actually one of the main protagonists in the series and is named Tights Brief (there’s that humor I was talking about and while juvenile, Toriyama is the only person who can name someone Tights and not have that as the main joke of a series). I have no idea where the Dragon Ball franchise goes from here since Goku has pretty much become a *SPOILERS* Super Saiyan God, it feels like the series has been concluded at this point. But we all know there’s going to be a Super Saiyan God 2.


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