We had an opportunity to interview anisong singer, Konomi Suzuki! Konomi Suzuki was born in Osaka, Japan. At 15, she won the all Japan Anisong Grand Prix and made her debut with the song “Choir Jail” with lyrics produced by Aki Hata. She has performed a number of anime theme songs including the opening theme “This Game” from No Game No Life, the theme “There is a Reason” for the film No Game No Life Zero, and the opening theme “Redo” for Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World.

Konomi Suzuki will perform at Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC on November 16th in New York.


– It’s been already six years since you won the Animax Anisong Grand Prix in 2011. How did your attitude towards singing change now compared to when you first debuted?

I feel like I sing for the people more. In the beginning, I wanted to sing for myself, because I wanted to do something to make my dream come true and I wanted to find a place where I can express my feelings, but now I would like to sing for someone who has similar feelings. Also, during my teens, I was running around aimlessly, but now I feel like I am calmer. I’m still pushing with full power, but I think I can calculate better.

– You rose to stardom at the age of 15, but what was the most challenging thing after your environment changed?

All my jobs were difficult. During recording, I learned that you can’t just sing well, but you also have to sing from the heart, and at events I had to learn how to MC so the audience can have fun. Every time I finished a job, I discussed with my mother about where to improve.
On the other hand, even though I debuted, people at my high school didn’t treat me differently and that really became a strong support for me.

– What was the trigger for you to become an anisong singer? Why did it have to be anisong?

I always loved to sing and dreamed of becoming a singer, but when I came across “Macross F”, that’s when I really got into anime. That’s where I heard May’n sing, and it made me want to become an anisong singer. I had already started singing in small venues and on the streets, but gradually I focused on anisong and eventually focused on them exclusively.

– You self-produced your entire performance for not only singing but also the choreography and styling at the Animax Anisong Grand Prix. Do you still participate in choreography or styling process for your concerts?

To create an even more amazing performance, now I ask professionals to help me. At the meeting, we all talk together, adding my opinions as well, and they create the stage.

– You debuted as a voice actor for Rin from “LOST SONG” recently! What was it like to voice act Rin? Did it go as you first planned originally?

It was harder than I expected to play Rin. Although we share similar traits (she likes to eat and sing), it took time to understand Rin has a person. If I think about the technical aspect of acting, I practiced for about a year, and I talked directly to the director to discuss “Who is Rin, and what she is thinking when she is saying this line?”.

– Another main character, Finis from “LOST SONG” was voiced by Yukari Tamura. How was it working with Yukari who has been popular both as a voice actor and singer for many years?

It was my first time working with her, but I was filled with admiration and respect – the way she switches into acting mode and also the way she looks at her character with love. It made me want to approach the projects I am involved with like that as well. She helped me during recording, and Tamura and the other cast members all supported me. I was able to bring Rin to life because of them. I really appreciate that.

– You released your first best album, “LIFE of DASH” last year. You are so amazing at singing both passionate powerful songs and slow ballad songs. What kind of music would you like to try in the near future?

When you hear Konomi Suzuki, you think about songs that are fast or have an intricate tune and have a dramatic melody, so I want to try the complete opposite with songs that have simpler composition. I want to express myself with a melody that emphasizes my voice and music that everyone can sing to.

– You joined Anisong World Matsuri held at Anime Expo in Los Angeles last year. How was the American audience’s reaction? Was it different from Japanese fans?

I was really happy that they waved the light sticks like the Japanese fans. I was worried since it was my first time in Los Angeles, but seeing how they really loved the Japanese culture and anisong, my worries flew away! I definitely want to sing in Los Angeles again.

– Is this going to be your first visit to New York? What are you most looking forward to in New York?

Yes, this is my first time in New York. I imagine that they have a really cool-looking skyline, so I want to take a lot of cool pictures! I also have an Instagram account, so if I’m able to take some nice pictures, I will be uploading them!

– Lastly, what is the cutest, coolest and most amazing thing to you?

My dog and cat that are staying at my parent’s house. Every morning, my mother sends me pictures of them, and it’s so cute. By looking at them, it makes me want to work harder! The power of cuteness is really strong!

Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi would like to appreciate Konomi Suzuki, RESONANCE Media and LeftField Media for this interview opportunity.


Anisong World Matsuri: http://anisongworldmatsuri.com/
Konomi Suzuki



– 全日本アニソングランプリで優勝され、もう既にデビューして6年ですね!10代の半分をアニソン歌手として過ごしていますが、今とデビュー時を比べて歌に対しての想いや姿勢は変わりましたか?




– アニソン歌手になりたいと思ったきっかけはなんだったのでしょうか?アニソンへのこだわりはありましたか?


– アニソングランプリではこのみさんは歌だけでなく振付や衣装までフルプロデュースされていました。ライブする時は今も歌だけでなくダンスや衣装等も今も手掛けているのでしょうか?

– 今年放映されたアニメ「LOST SONG」ではリン役として声優にも初挑戦されていましたね!実際にリン役を演じてみてどうでしたか?思い描いていた通りにいきましたか?


– 「LOST SONG」でのもう一人の主人公として田村ゆかりさんと共演されていましたが、歌手・声優活動の両方を精力的に行う田村ゆかりさんとの共演はいかがでしたか?

– 去年はデビュー5周年を迎えベストアルバム「LIFE of DASH」もリリースされました。激しいパワフルな曲やしっとりとしたバラード、どれもこのみさんらしい素晴らしい楽曲ばかりです。今後はどんな曲に挑戦していきたいですか?

– 去年の夏はロサンゼルスで行われたアニソンワールドマツリにも参加されましたが、初めてのアメリカでのライブはいかがでしたか?日本のファンと盛り上がり方も違いましたか?

– 今回ニューヨークは初めてですか?ニューヨークで一番楽しみにしていることがあれば教えてください。


– 最後に鈴木このみさんにとってカワイイ、カッコイイ、スゴイことがあれば教えてください!



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