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Hello Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi readers! We have another awesome opportunity to interview an up-and-rising band called CANTOY!

The band was formed in Tokyo back in 2004. Their music is somewhat of a pop, punk, and metal taste but lead singer, miri-pow throws in her cute voice into the mix creating a roller coaster of a ride when listening to their songs! CANTOY is set to have their first US Debut at Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 2013!

Here’s a sample of their stuff! Then scroll down for their interview!

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1: How did you guys come up with the name “CANTOY?” Any significance behind the name?

Catherine: We used to be “candy(star)toybox.” We used to be toward pop but started metal and changed.

miri-pow: And so the band name was too cute and we just changed the name to CANTOY.  There is no deep meaning to our band name.

2: Upon listening to “LOUD UP” for the first time from the band, miri-pow has a very cute voice that contrasts with the instrumentals. I was expecting to hear some heavy rock at first but then it blended into punk, then into pop, then back to heavy rock. It surprised me throughout the song. I like it! Did that all happen naturally? 

HAGA-Chang: Thank you. Yes. It naturally became like that

Catherine: We were originally a pop band so we wanted to leave a little bit of that side.  Even though we got the loud sound in, we wanted our roots to be there.  And LOUD UP! was created and so were the other songs.

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3: Who are some of your musical influences?

Ken: Do you know the band THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS?

miri-pow: They are a Japanese band, they are awesome and really cool.  You should listen to them.

4: Where do you guys draw your inspiration from to write your music?

Catherine: First, I think of a concept. Usually it comes from daily life and I expand from there.

HAGA-Chang: Our song inspiration comes from things that happen close to us.

5: We heard you’re very excited for your US Debut. What are some of your expectations? 

miri-pow: Food!

Ken: That too, but I will be happy if the American fans accept us!

Catherine: Ya.  We are really looking forward to doing the show!

6: Aside from the music and audience aspects, what are you looking forward to in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Any particular food, sight-seeing spot, etc?

HAGA-Chang: Is there something? Would love to go sightseeing around the city but my friend said there wasn’t much.  If there is, please tell me! I want to enjoy my stay!

Catherine: But instead of that, I want to connect with a lot of people.  Instead of sightseeing I want to make new friends!

6: Here at We strive to find things that are cute, cool, and amazing. What is cute, cool, and/or amazing to you?

Catherine: Cute, cool, awesome….

HAGA-Chang: Then, I would say a group called SMAP.  They are in Japan.

Everyone: Most definitely (laugh)

miri-pow: They are an idol group but ya definitely. (laugh)

Thanks for this interview, CANTOY! We wish you luck at Tekkoshocon! 😀

CANTOY Official Homepage


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