Who watched Marvel’s The Avengers? Remember the scene where Tony Stark/Iron Man puts on these bracelets? For those who forgot or have not seen it yet here is the scene-

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6ASh6vVj0k’]

Well you can get one too! The bracelet used in this scene is called MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND manufactured by Colantotte, a Japanese company that makes magnetic health gear for athletes.   It’s cool to know a Japanese product was used in The Avengers! According to their company website it says that:

Colantotte offers magnetic health gear that uses magnets in a unique alternating north-south polarity arrangement. Experience their powerful effect. Colantotte products are certified as medical devices in Japan.

Interesting… I never expect these magnetic bracelets/necklaces to work but because Tony Stark had them on, it looks cool.


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