Radiohead, one of the world’s most loved bands, announced this week that they’re releasing a new album, The King of Limbs, on Saturday.

To make things even more interesting, the band posted a cryptic message in Japanese on their Twitter page:

渋谷 ハチ公広場 金曜日 18時59分

As many English-speaking music websites (such as Spinner) have since translated,

the tweet appears to be a location and a time. A rough translation reads “Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday.”

Is the band going to randomly show up on the street corner and cause a frenzy of promotion? Who knows, but there has to be a reason they’d post this, right?

Stay tuned, especially if you’re close to Shibuya Square and a fan of the band, as hopefully more info will be revealed about this mystery.

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