J concluded his first Tokyo Roppongi EX THEATER performance on May 6. This was the last show of the “J 2015 SPRING TOUR –ZERO-” short tour which included Osaka, Nagoya, and Sendai and was J’s first solo concert since the end of 2014. J played his hit songs from the last 18 years to Roppongi EX THEATER. J is known for putting on intense shows, but the audience was pushing out just as much energy on this night.


J was full of energy and intensity on this evening as usual, but there was something different on stage. Takashi Fujita, his guitarist since 1997 retired at the end of 2014. Masasucks (the HIATUS, FULLSCRATCH), his tag team guitar partner from 2005 to 2009, was on stage as Fuijta’s replacement. When he replaced Franz Stahl as guitarist, he looked like he was with the band for years. He looked just as natural this time as well.

All of the parts, except for his own, are already recorded for the new album. “The other three are done. We’re just waiting on me,” he laughed. This is J’s 10th original album, but he still records, “carefully and boldly”.

J also announced that he will start his first Japan tour in two years in September. He promised to deliver an album before then.


Source and Image: barks.jp

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