J-pop band, Lyrical School, Hacks iPhone’s For Their New Music Video

Lyrical School is a J-pop/Hip Hop group consisting of 6 Japanese girls.  In their new single, “Run Run”, the girls hack our screen (or as presented in the music video, “iPhone”) and take us on a  journey through their day!

Not only is the concept of a Hip Hop-idol group unique in itself, but the presentation of this music video is so innovative, I don’t even think Apple was ready for it.  We’ve already seen the music videos that were shot with an iPhone, like Kanye West’s “Only One” featuring a closer look into an intimate walk between him and his daughter Nori, as well as music videos that just feature the iPhone simply as the cellphone of choice for a particular scene…but have we seen a music video specifically shot VERTICALLY for your smart phone?

While rocking their gym outfits the girls tap into our FaceTime, Twitter, and even the iOS camera function!  Don’t believe me? Just watch!


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