The owner chef of Patisserie Potager, Aya Kakisawa, has designed a Jackie Bear cake to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a popular Japanese children’s book called Kuma no Gakkou (Bear’s School).

Potager is known for their healthy vegetable infused desserts, the concept behind the cake is “delicious sweets that are also kind to the body.” You can read more about Kakisawa in Adrian’s article from last year. She avoids using sugar and instead makes use of the natural sweetness from fruits and vegetables. The bear portion is made out of blue berries and mascarpone with chocolate coating. The beautiful yellow-orange color of the base is from the kabocha cream, and within it lies a layer of honey cream. The chocolate pieces come detached so little kids can participate in completing the cake. It costs 4,725 yen ($59) and is being sold from today!

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