JAM Project Live in Hollywood on August 18th!

I JUST BLOGGED ABOUT YOSHIKI’S COMING AND NOW I FOUND OUT ABOUT JAM PROJECT PERFORMING IN HOLLYWOOD! Truly… truly is the come back of J-Rock… Well if you count JAM Project as a rock band. I do, why not?

Japan American Artist Foundation, a non-profit organization set out to promote Japan culture and art, is hosting this event along with an Anime costume contest. That makes sense since the performers in JAM Project are renown Voice Actors in Japan and has sung many, many hit Anime tunes! Check out this promo that was just released!

JAM Project Live in Hollywood on August 18th Promo

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8NKKnmGoE8′]

The concert will be held at Musicians Institute Concert Hall located at 1655 N. McCadden Place, Hollywood 90028. Time will be from 8PM – 10PM.

Tickets are available now on Brown Paper Tickets. It cost $20 to watch the LIVE show (not a screening this time) and an additional $5 to enter the cosplay contest. The top 3 winners will get $500 and the top 5 will receive next year Anime Expo 2014 badges Worth it? I think so! More information available on JAAF’s official website!

No doubt for any of you who attended the J-Music Live Viewing early July of this year will be excited for this JAM Project show! This is the live you guys have been waiting for! See? Going to awesome Japanese screenings will let your favorite artists know that they have a fan base here in America! Word on the streets is that Perfume next World Tour will take a stop in the U.S… and VAMPS is coming in 2013 for sure! So be sure to do your best the next time a Live Viewing event is happening in a city near you! 🙂

Source: Inside AX

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