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James Franco is rapidly rising in the ranks of Hollywood stardom, due to his recent performance in the Best Picture nominee 127 Hours, for which Franco is also nominated for Best Actor. He’s also going to host the Oscars with actress Anne Hathaway, putting himself again in the lens of the entire country.

Apparently, there’s also the chance that Franco will star in the upcoming live-action movie of the legendary Japanese manga Akira.

According to this article from ScreenRant, Filmmakers Albert and Allen Hughes (The Book of Eli) are collaborating with Iron Man/Cowboys & Aliens co-screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby on the live-action version of Akira, which shifts the setting from futuristic Tokyo to Manhattan. According to Just Jared, Franco would star as the leader of a biker gang (a character named Shotaro Kaneda in the original manga/anime), whose comrade is kidnapped by the government and subjugated to scientific experiments that cause him to develop dangerous psychic powers.

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Franco would probably be a step up from High School Musical pretty boy Zac Efron, who was also rumored to be in the running to play Akira recently.

Franco’s on his way to the top of the Hollywood ladder, and this would be a pretty high-profile gig for him, taking on one of the most beloved manga/anime titles of the past 30 years.

Stay tuned for any more info regarding this upcoming movie, and thanks to Japan Probe for the tip.

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