As Crunchgear reported a few days ago, Japan will soon get the world’s first 3-dimensional television series. Dubbed “Tokyo Control”, the show chronicles some employees at the Tokyo Air Traffic Control Center.

The program will be a collaboration between Sony and big Japanese networks Fuji and SkyPerfec TV.

This is being called “the world’s first 3D TV series”, and I suppose that’s accurate. It doesn’t really sound like the sort of show that would be the best way to introduce flashy new 3D television capabilities. A show about air traffic control employees? I hope it will focus on crazy 3D stunts with the airplanes and not just people talking to each other.

I would probably have expected “the world’s first 3D TV series” to be about something that could employ the technology in a more visually impressive way, such as a show involving crazy sci-fi creatures or something like that.

Despite the iffy nature of this program, the people behind the new show did their homework:

According to the makers, Fuji TV employees went to Hollywood to ask the producers of Avatar for advice on how to effectively shoot pictures in 3D before writing the script.

Needless to say, this is a big moment for the future of 3D television and home entertainment. Hopefully the show turns out to be worthwhile.

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