GameNews.org posted an article discussing how the success or failure of Final Fantasy XIII could be the ‘last chance’ for Playstation 3 to catch on completely. The game, which was released in Japan last week, has done well so far, but Playstation is hoping that the game itself inspires consumers to rush out and buy a system as well as the game, thus boosting sales of the console too.

Check out the article itself, it’s a rather interesting read.

At first, I was surprised to hear that Playstation 3 isn’t doing as well as the company could have hoped, but when you consider how massively popular Nintendo Wii has been, as well as Xbox 360, it makes sense. The article also mentions that some Final Fantasy fans have criticized this newest game as being “too linear”, which could dissuade other fans from buying it if they haven’t already.

Relying on the consumers to buy a system with the game is hardly a foolproof way to ensure a boost in sales, of course, but that seems to be what Playstation is hoping for. Time will tell if the Playstation 3 will experience a spike in sales and success.

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