Greetings from Tune in Tokyo! We”re back with additional updates on Japanese music and pop culture events in Los Angeles! First up, Anime Jungle & The Cure Shop welcomes a very special guest to Little Tokyo for Nisei Week!

On August 14th and 15th, Anime Jungle welcomes legendary Japanese actor Daisuke Ban, the original Kikaida, for a special appearance and autograph signing in conjuncture with the Nisei Week parade. Come out to see this memorable star from the golden era of Tokusatsu series! For tickets and more information, please visit Jungle”s official site.

Daisuke Ban

The summer has gotten off to a tremendous start with memorable performances by Miyavi, AKB48, Jin Akanishi, Sophia, and Megumi Nakajima and May”N. The next few months are going to be amazing, with upcoming concerts from Dir en Grey, Despair”s Ray, and VAMPS! The Tune in Tokyo crew hopes to check all of these shows out. Look for us there!

J-Rock legends X-Japan are appearing in Chicago at Lollapalooza 2010 on August 8th! A special package is available for fans at X-Japan”s microsite at Jrock X-Japan is blazing a trail into the U.S. music scene, following the big Yoshiki benefit and video shoot at Club Nokia casino online earlier this month. X-Japan is about to put J-Rock on the map in a big way!

A special thanks to everyone who attended our May event with Dig Jelly, Maganda, and Eiji Solo Project! Eiji will return to the U.S. for a special New Year”s event in Chicago. We also wanted to thank everyone for joining us on July 4th for the Shibuya Meltdown Dance Party! Our next event is Sakura Bomb at 2nd Street Jazz on August 19th. Lemon Drop Kick and Keshiki will be joined by J-Pop Idol Stephanie Yanez and LA Indie-Electro band Nightmares for Robots. Look forward to seeing you there!

Stephanie Yanez
Stephanie Yanez

Greg Hignight
DJ and Founder, Tune in Tokyo

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  1. O:
    I saw Stephanie’s diary post on TinierMe about the Sakura Bomb.
    I would’ve loved to go if I wasn’t underage and didn’t live across the country. xD;;

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