Japanese Art Created on Microsoft Excel. Wot?

Photoshop? Forget that! Why buy such an expensive product to create beautiful images when you can use a program for a much lower price doing something for you that was it was never meant for?!

73-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi set out to do exactly just that, only I am not sure if that was his original intention (you know, creating art with a number crunching software) or out of sheer boredom but either way, it has gotten him some fame! In 2006, Horiuchi won the Excel Autoshape Competition held in Japan and since then, offered tutorials and even go as far as selling his artwork. Although the artwork itself isn’t THAT impressive, it was because how he made it and what he used that got him the attention he pixel-y deserves. I am just using words now…

Download this awesome Cherry Blossom Art that Horiuchi did!

Source: Weird Asia News

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