It’s Gummy! It’s Chocolate-y! It’s… HORE HORE CHOCOLATE!

What is up, KKS viewers! We decided to do something different for our YouTube channel! In this Japanese Candy Review show, Jason will be reviewing various Japanese Candies! The first episodes features Meiji‘s Hore Hore Chocolate! Guest starring the spikey digital monster, Togemon!

Japanese Candy is all about the fun of eating it rather than just eating ala Popin’ Cookin’. Hore Hore Chocolate creates this archaeological experience for kids to essentially “dig” for treasures, which in this case, golden gummies! The package even included a chart telling you how much the treasures are worth so you can turn this into a point-based game. However, it does get kinda messy because the chocolate is quite thick. I read somewhere that you need to melt the chocolate first but where would the fun be at if we did that?! You can’t melt the dirt when you go dig for treasures! But yeah, it does get pretty messy so make sure you don’t eat this in your room, or rooms with carpets, or generally anywhere too messy because it’s gonna be a hassle cleaning up the mess when you are done. So try eating this outdoor.

The chocolate tastes great! It’s milk chocolate. The gummies are soft and chewy! I highly recommend Hore Hore Chocolate to anyone. It is something you can definitely enjoy a few times before getting tired of it. You can most likely pick this up at any local Japanese markets like Mitsuwa or Nijiya. Let us know what you think if you tried it by leaving us a comment down here, on the video, or e-mail us at KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi@gmail.com! Any feedbacks are welcome!

Click on our video below to see Jason tackle this snack! WARNING: It’s gonna be quite explosive!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puf31BZ9-IU’]

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