When you go to Tokyo and walk down the famous Takeshita dori in Harajuku, you cannot help but notice that many high-schoolers in their uniforms are eating crepe as they window shop and chit-chat with friends.  You can ask anyone in Tokyo (hell Japan even) that “if you think of Harajuku, what dessert/sweets first comes to mind?” and I bet everyone will answer CREPE!!!!!

Ya crepe and Harajuku is like gelato and Rome. Does that make sense? annnywayyyyy~ so you can make crepe at home but it always ends up as a fail.  My friend told me that there was this Japanese crepe place in Beverly Hills! I know what you’re thinking- whaaaaat you can get crepe anywhere!- yes but there are not the ones that are rolled up and can be eaten as you walk or drive a car or, or, or multitask 🙂

Traditional/authentic crepe look like this- served on a plate and need fork+knife

Whereas crepes sold on the streets of Harakuju is nicely rolled up

Yaaa so I can get a crepe that sits on a plate at a cafe here in LA  (there are plenty, if interested look up on yelp) but the rolled up ones are harder to find.  Well, the one in Beverly Hills is called Harajuku Crepe.  Cross street is S Santa Monica Blvd and N Cannon Drive.  Must go try! Hopefully it is good as it looks or even BETTER!!!!  If it is REALLY good I’ll post a blog about it 🙂 something worth sharing –


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  1. I’ve been to Harajuku Crepe, it is perfection. I’ve never been to Japan but a friend of mine has been multiple times and she says it’s exactly how she remembers them on Takeshita Doori. Their salad crepes are also super delicious.

    There’s also a place that sells Japanese style crepes in Little Tokyo called Four Leaf Tea Cafe. It’s just down the street from Pinkberry near San Pedro. They also sell all kinds of amazing yummies like cream puffs (the almond/whipped cream ones are the best), waffles with any topping you could want, fresh brewed teas, cupcakes, and of course the Japanese crepes. It’s always on our list of places to grab a snack while we’re in town.

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