I love Indian, Malaysian, Thai curry but most of all I LOVE Japanese curry. And today, January 22nd is Curry Day in Japan! We had some posts that include curry like the Rilakkuma curry and the oversize dish post but today I will go more into detail.

Japanese curry is distinct from other Asian curry. Typical Japanese curry look like this-

Basic ingredients are carrots, onions, potatoes, and meat (beef, chicken, or pork). Curry is called curry rice (kare-raisu) because Japanese curry is a dish with white steamed rice with curry poured over and a side of fukujinzuke and/or rakkyo(pickles) on one plate. What I like to do when I make curry is put toppings on! Curry goes with anything so there are no surprises in what ingredients/toppings people put in. It is common to top egg, katsu(pork cutlet), croquette, cheese, nuggets, and other sorts of things but some people like to top natto. Natto is rotten soybeans.  Many people eat it for breakfast but I can’t eat it.  Too sticky for me.

Natto curry rice

But try this! Kimchi curry! Really good!

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