you may already be aware of kawaii-ness of Japanese fashion magazines but again, they are pretty fun to read // subscribe right? this post is going to be only for ladies. just saying.

have you ever got a chance to have them in your hands and read it? pretty amazing. well made. and such a big volume. Cute girls. Note : i’d say about 50 % of the models on japanese fashion magazines are half japanese and half Hawaii, Canada, Russia, America or England.. interesting right? they are called “HA-FU” which means you are not 100% japanese.

In the magazines, there will be some makeup lessons, what’s hot this month, what models’ have been wearing lately, bloggers’ favorite items, hair styling HOW-TO, everyday outfits of 5 different stylists. Nail salon guide in tokyo and hot lunch spots. Diet recipes and work out guide. What’s hot in sanrio store in harajyuku. top 10 of best seller convenience drinks. must have iphone apps for busy bee ladies. Date spots in tokyo. Snaps of american celebrities from red carpet events. Many many more! You can get them online or subscribe and have them mailed at your home. or go to asian market or book store in little tokyo. its about 500 yen – 800 yen in japan and here in US its about double. its worth it tho! a lot to cover for ladies who loves japanese fashion and cultures! i’ll promise you!

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