Everyone has a iphone or ipod touch in japan. well, it is not entirely true. But why does japan have the most KAWAII – SUPER CUTE iphone cases in the world? I want all of them.. which is your favorite?

(Photo credits : rakuten shop)

This store in japan does a custom work of decorating iphones or any other phones. Their blog (Japanese) has tons of cool stuff! { highly recommended to check that out! } I have no idea how much it’ll cost you to have a giant hello kitty on back of your iphone + not stop sparkling kitty… Just looking at them, makes me wanna say.. WOW. It is obvious that having cool iphone cases is a part of Japanese fashion these days.

(Photo credits : kiss you)



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  1. i like these phoncases they are cute and pretty they can go on my iphone 4 the one with the silver and pink and the one that got a lot of dimonds one it andthem bunny hello kitty phone case and the green one to they are pertty i love these very much

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