This story will make anybody who feels winded after a few laps in the pool feel pretty bad.

Hisashi Koze, a Japanese diving instructor, was abandoned by the boat that had dropped him and two other divers off Borneo’s Santubon peninsula after the boat operators couldn’t see their air bubbles on the surface of the water and assumed they were in danger.

When the boat left to go file a missing persons report and, presumably seek help, Koze had to take matters into his own hands and do something completely unbelievable: swim 30 kilometers (or roughly 18.6 miles) in shark-infested ocean water to safety.

It’s even more hard to fathom when you read this quote by Koze: “I swam (backstrokes) against the waves. I think it was like 30km, through the afternoon, through the night, until this morning when I came ashore at about 10am. I’ve never experienced anything like this. It was like hell. But I kept thinking I needed to survive.”

Read more quotes from Koze about his miraculous night swim here.

Can you imagine such a swim? It sounds impossible, and yet Koze did it. Hats off to him for such a feat of bravery.

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