I love japanese colorful paper balloons! Have you seen them before? I pick up little paper balloons whenever I go to Japantown. You can pick some up at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. They are cheap ( $1 to $2 ), cute, colorful and make me happy. Japanese Retro Colors! My grandma used to get one for me and my sisters every summer. Water melon and paper balloons ( Kami-Fusen) make a perfect summer.


Made from bright, crisp environmental paper, I promise you’ll love these traditional Japanese paper balloons { 紙風船 }. When the balloons are flat, they look like this.


Each ふうせん ( balloons) comes flat. Simply blow in the hole which will force the balloon to expand, inflate and form into its circular shape character. The balloons can be flattened and blown up over and over again. Be gentle kids! Great for party decor for summer and gifts for kids. Cute decorations for your room!

Looking for one?  This website has a nice collection. (via The Crafts Dept)

Look at these kawaii balloons! Animal versions are very new. We didn’t have them when I was a kid. It’s 100 Yen a piece. (!!!)


Speaking of paper balloons, we’re currently working on this HOW-TO video for these kawaii paper balloon pika-chu family! Wanna make your own? The video is coming very soon! So stay tuned!

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