Japanese Restaurant Serving Ramen Burger

Famous East Asian fast food joint Lotteria has added a new burger to their historically strange burger collection, the ramen burger. Apparently, they’re going all-out with this burger; they’ve even developed the noodle recipe with Menya Musashi, a famed restaurant chain that specializes in noodles. Along with the burger, you will receive disposable chopsticks, bonito fish stock soup, and you can even order a second serving of noodles beforehand.

Hopefully, the ramen burger will look more appetizing in person than Lotteria’s previous experimental, limited-time burgers like the Tower Cheese Burger (which was simply five beef patties and five slices of cheese sandwiched by two buns). Normally, I am not against an ridiculous amount of meat or meat-like products but putting this much meat into a burger does not come without consequences, namely the ability of the burger to stand on its own without falling. There was a fried shrimp patty variation of the Tower Burger and it seemed to fare better, structurally anyways.

I can already feel my arteries clogging.

The ramen burger is set to be released for a limited time starting May 20th until mid-June. The burger is lightly grilled, and is topped with mayonnaise and tender roast pork fillet (chāshū) and will sold for 634 yen ($6.41 USD).



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