Japanese Streetwear Legend, Nigo’s New adidas ORIGINALS Collaboration

Cultural curator, Nigo, has never been shy at impressing us with his creations.  He has been coined a “legend” in his rise out of the Ura-Harajuku scene (also known as “Backstreet Harajuku”) which is a district located in Shibuya, Tokyo filled with boutique streetwear fashion shops and a historical stamp of Tokyo’s youth culture.

Nigo’s initial success was due to his creation of the clothing brand, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), which utilized the image of an ape cleverly immersed in a patterned camouflage.  BAPE went on to acclaim international success leading Nigo into his designing deals with UNIQLO as well as Adidas.

In this adidas ORIGINALS documentary, Nigo presents his Spring 2016 line in a narrative-based film circling around UK rapper, Stormzy, in the streets of Tokyo.  While presenting different parts of Tokyo, Nigo explains why choosing Stormzy as the face of his line was the perfect fit.  How Stormzy bringing back authenticity to the rap game reminds him a lot of his approach for this clothing line.

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