As it gets closer to the hottest and most humid time of the year in Japan, the necessary electricity conservation for recovery has created quite embarrassing moments for some, but of course, it’s a small price to pay. The lack of air conditioner use has put a few female announcers on television in dreadful situations. One in particular is NHK announcer, Yumiko Udou, whose armpit sweat stains have caused quite a stir online. Yesterday on news show, Asaichi which she hosts with Yoshihiko Inohara from V6, someone had the nerve to fax in a complaint about it saying, “I cannot stand watching your armpit sweat. As someone of the same sex, I cannot believe you are able to show your sweat stains without a care. It’s unsightly,” which Udou read at the end of the show. She apologized and said that there wasn’t much she could do to prevent her sweat and that sweating is a good thing. It must have been quite awkward for the others on the show. At least we know NHK is doing the right thing and doesn’t have the ac on full blast. Good luck, Udou-san! Ganbattekudasai!

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