There are many intriguing aspects of the Los Angeles food truck craze. It’s always fun, for example, when a truck features an unusual culinary mash-up that seems odd on paper but tastes amazing. It can be hard, though, for one truck to stand out over another, since there seem to be new trucks rolling around the streets every other day. Sometimes, though, a truck’s menu helps it stand out over all the rest.

Enter the Jogasaki truck.

Jogasaki is a sushi truck, but with a twist: they package sushi into a burrito.

Yep, a burrito.  Customers pick from the menu what type of combination they prefer, and then the sushi chefs assemble it into a burrito on either soy paper or a flour tortilla.

Jogasaki explain the whole “sushi burrito” business right on their website:

Sushi Burrito basically puts sushi roll ingredients together, and wraps them in a flour tortilla or soy paper. The end result: a jumbo size sushi roll bigger than any sushi roll in a regular sushi restaurant. And on top of that, with a street price.

They’re right about “street price”. I had one of these last Friday for the first time, and it was only $8. Eight bucks for a bunch of delicious, quality sushi pieces mashed together and wrapped in light soy paper. It was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to try it again.

A delicious Jogasaki burrito

The website doesn’t list the menu just yet, but they have a few different sushi combinations to choose from. In addition, they also feature a long list of side dishes and appetizers, including jalapeno slices topped with spicy tuna. I also had that last week, and it’s highly recommended too.

Follow the truck’s Twitter account for its location schedule. Jogasaki seems to go all around LA, including the San Fernando Valley area (where I found them).

If you like sushi, then you’ll absolutely want to check out these burritos. They’re really something else, and they’re much more high quality than you’d probably expect.

Personally, I’m going back tonight for more. I may buy 15 of them, to stock up.


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