Kao Nivea released a limited design “Nivea cream” illustrated by cartoonist Momoko Sakura who died on August 15th at her age 53 on September 8th.
Momoko Sakura is one of the most-famous Japanese manga creators who was best known for her series Chibi Maruko-chan.
Sakura was from Shimizu in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan.

Kao Nivea Releases this limited design products for part of the celebration the 50th anniversary of “Nivea Cream” in Japan. They released three types of packaging which are tube type, large can and middle can with the illustration of a girl, mother and grandmothers crawling in the starry sky back by Momoko Sakura. Also, Momoko Sakura was also cooperating with the ongoing 50th-anniversary campaign “NIVEA STORIES PROJECT”. This project was recruiting memorable story of Nivea cream (recruitment is closed), the best story will become a picture book with the illustration of Momoko Sakura and present to the author.

Sakura made her debut as a cartoonist in 1984. By 1986, her first edition of Chibi Maruko-chan series was published on Ribbon—a monthly manga magazine. Chibi Maruko-chan series which is set in 1974 and based on Sakura’s childhood and her family who live in Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan.

Chibi Maruko-chan is one of most popular manga in Japan and the on-air will continue in the future.

This limited design Nivea Cream which became Momoko Sakura’s relic work were sold out in lots of stores as soon as released.

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