Kiki & Lala Café opened in Shibuya’s Parco on March 21st for a limited time until the end of May. Due to its popularity, they’ve decided to keep it open until July 7th and renew the menu to include more cute items! In addition to Kiki & Lala being the Little Twin Stars, July 7th is Tanabata, a Japanese star festival, so the dishes feature twice the amount of stars.

リトルツインスターズハンバーガーLittle Twin Stars Hamburger Plate

フワフワオムライス2Fluffy Omurice with White Curry Sauce

10379743_1454725238103161_7494087658092153680_oGolden Milky Way Pasta with a side of Quinoa and Edamame Salad

10295095_1454725194769832_3453140697386947484_oKiki & Lala’s Orange French Toast

贅沢クレープKiki & Lala’s Fruitful Crepe

10443147_1456385224603829_881595677410211384_oStarry Cobb Salad

1072363_1456385104603841_2548280540562567311_o Lala’s Gazpacho

10354167_1456386284603723_6637754034112788315_nLala’s Mango Pudding Parfait

10355819_1456386264603725_4890015511622147115_nKiki’s Tanabata Matcha Parfait

pasted image 1600x10223Magical Roll Cake

1606955_1456355504606801_8393206177528968249_nYou can take home a whole roll cake if a slice isn’t enough!

10409430_1454725198103165_5950987937620869485_nIced Latte


Some of the old menu10403932_1454728268102858_2689017507594197652_o






The café opens at 11 am, but by 11:08, there’s a 30+ minute wait! The place is decorated with Little Twin Stars and features cute placemats and coasters.


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