Kiki & Lala Café opened in Shibuya’s Parco on March 21st for a limited time until the end of May. Due to its popularity, they’ve decided to keep it open until July 7th and renew the menu to include more cute items! In addition to Kiki & Lala being the Little Twin Stars, July 7th is Tanabata, a Japanese star festival, so the dishes feature twice the amount of stars.

Little Twin Stars Hamburger Plate

Fluffy Omurice with White Curry Sauce

Golden Milky Way Pasta with a side of Quinoa and Edamame Salad

Kiki & Lala’s Orange French Toast

Kiki & Lala’s Fruitful Crepe

Starry Cobb Salad

Lala’s Gazpacho

Lala’s Mango Pudding Parfait

Kiki’s Tanabata Matcha Parfait

Magical Roll Cake

You can take home a whole roll cake if a slice isn’t enough!

Iced Latte


Some of the old menu


The café opens at 11 am, but by 11:08, there’s a 30+ minute wait! The place is decorated with Little Twin Stars and features cute placemats and coasters.


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