Kill la Kill Added to Netflix

In a surprising turn of events, Netflix has just picked up nudist anime Kill la Kill and it’s streaming right now. For Netflix to pick up this slightly controversial anime, and so quickly to boot, is great news for future big-name anime to make their way on to the streaming service.


Kill la Kill is pretty much Gurren Lagann lite in terms of story and copious amounts of adrenaline. The two series share the same theme of never settling to a higher power as I like to put it, punching the face of “God” is very prominent in these two shows. Kill la Kill is “lite” due to the scaling down of the action and grandeur of the series compared to Gurren Lagann (I won’t say anymore due to spoilers).

As an introductory series, I don’t think it would work very well since there are a lot of anime tropes and satire of anime tropes that might be lost on new viewers. It’s still a glorious watch and amazing in its own right despite existing in the shadow of Gurren Lagann. S’good, trust.

Kill la Kill on Netflix

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