Kirby of the Stars 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert “will be held on Sunday, April 16, 2017, in Tokyo, on June 18, Sun 2017 in Osaka.
Kirby of stars appeared as a Game Boy software on April 27, 1992. Since then it has been popular among people around the world as a pink hero.
Kirby’s popularity never wanes down, the numbered tickets for Kirby Cafe & Shop have been sold out everyday in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya from the opening date, August 20 to September 2016.

Kirby has many fans not only in stories and games but also in songs. In this concert, you can see the popular songs of successive Kirby’s works with the full orchestra live performances.
Also, you can look back the 25 years of Kirby’s history with talks of creators who have been involved in development.

25th-anniversary memory goods will also be sold from 15th December 2016. Also, the CD “Star Kirby Robo Bosplanet Original Soundtrack” which is enclosed the priority precedence ticket of the orchestra concert and the anniversary watches with the key holder set will be sold.

(C) HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo
Source: Fashion Press Net

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