If you’ve ever visited Japan, you’ve probably noticed the great variety of Kit Kat flavors you can find in stores. In fact, Nestle has released over 30 Kit Kat products!

A great idea for a travel gift is a Kit Kat box featuring the local flavor of the location you’ve visited. Some locations have 5-pack boxes as well as the usual 12-pack boxes.

Today, I’ll be introducing these different types of local flavors!


Tochiotome Flavor (Tochigi)

Tochiotome is a type of strawberry created in the Tochigi prefecture. The sweet, brilliant flavor of a Tochiotome and a flavorful wafer are gently wrapped around in white chocolate.


Rum Raisin Flavor (Tokyo)

Rum Raisin has a special fanciness and richness, perfect for the image of Tokyo. The distinct flavor of the rum raisin chocolate is mixed with crushed biscuits, creating a Tokyo-esque taste.


Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor (Yokohama, Kanagawa)

The strawberry cheesecake-flavored cream sandwiched with wafers wrapped around in cheese-flavored white chocolate creates a flavor perfectly matching Yokohama‘s elegant Western atmosphere. This flavor comes in a cute Mt. Fuji-shaped box in some locations.


Wasabi Flavor (Shizuoka)

This flavor is a collaboration with wasabi from Tamaru-ya Honten of Shizuoka. The mixture of the refined spiciness of wasabi and the smooth sweetness of white chocolate creates a perfect harmony. (It’s delicious. Trust me.)


Shinshu Apple Flavor (Shinshu, Nagano)

Shinshu Apples have been grown in a land of beautiful water and clear, blue skies in the Nagano prefecture. Enjoy the refreshing sweetness on a hot summer day!


Ichimi Red Pepper Flavor (Shinshu, Nagano)

Here’s another flavor from Shinshu! But wait… It’s red pepper-flavored? This is a collaboration with Ichimi Red Pepper of Yawata-ya Isogoro, a spice loved by many since the Edo Period. Experience a new type of taste through this combination of a exciting spice and bitter chocolate.


Azuki Sandwich Flavor (Tokai and Hokuriku areas)

Is this red beans sandwiched in toast? Exactly! And it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted! This chocolate flavor was developed by receiving hints from such Ogura Toast, a standard cafe menu in the Tokai region.

kit_kat_kks_10 kit_kat_kks_9Uji-Matcha Flavor (Kyoto)

Ah, we’ve finally arrived at the traditional Japanese flavor, Uji-Matcha! Kit Kat collaborated with Kyoto’s classic Itoh Kyuemon and worked together carefully to create a wondrous harmony of green tea and chocolate, filled with deep, gentle taste.

kit_kat_kks_17 kit_kat_kks_16Hoji-cha Flavor (Kyoto)

What? More tea flavors? But of course! It’s Kyoto. Kit Kat once again collaborated with Kyoto’s Itoh Kyuemon. You can now try out the distinct thickness of Hoji-cha in chocolate form.

kit_kat_kks_18Kobe Pudding Flavor (Kobe, Hyogo)

You can never go wrong with Kobe Pudding! Here’s a great gift featuring the Kobe classic with a smooth, yet fruity flavor.

kit_kat_kks_15 kit_kat_kks_14Kankitsu Ougon Blend Flavor (Chugoku and Shikoku areas)

Here’s a beautiful balance of citrus unshiu, lemon, and sudachi. The blend distinct to the Chugoku and Shikoku areas have a refreshing combination of both sweetness and sourness.

kit_kat_kks_4 kit_kat_kks_3Amaou Strawberry Flavor (Kyushu areas)

Amaou is a type of strawberry created in the Fukuoka prefecture. Enjoy the mellow and flavorful taste of Amaou strawberries, quite different from the Tochiotome flavor.

kit_kat_kks_12 kit_kat_kks_11Beni-imo Flavor (Okinawa and Kyushu areas)

Beni-imo (literally “purple yam”) is a product common in Okinawa, as well as the southern parts of Kyushu. This yam is known for its brilliant colors and has a beautiful taste.

If you’re visiting the Tokyo train station, I have great news! You can purchase most of these flavors in Shokoku Gotouchi Plaza!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Time for me to go munch on more chocolate.

Source: Nestle

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