Comfy Christmas Pt.1 (Slice of Life)

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is on Christmas Break shaking off all the stress from finals and work OR if you’re like me, it’s the time of the year when you have time to binge on anime. Since the whole theme for winter break is relaxation, I’ll be listing my personal favorite “comfy” anime that you can watch while resting in your bed in a burrito of blankets. I’ll be recommending anime from all sorts of genres because I understand that not everyone is into the same thing. Today, I’ll start with my personal favorite genre, slice of life (the comfiest of all genres).

This list is not in any particular order

Windy Tales (Fuujin Monogatari)

I’m going to start the list of with a slightly unknown anime (no one I know has seen/heard of it) and it is Windy Tales, an anime about two girls who are the sole members of their school Digital Camera Club. One day they get magical wind powers to control the wind, but it never becomes the driving force behind the series. The series is mundane and there is never a sense of urgency throughout the series (which can probably be said for any slice of life series). So why should you give this series a shot? It’s an extremely charming anime in its innocence as an anime series complemented by its art style that lends the characters to be extremely expressive despite how simply they are drawn. It also has one of my favorite soundtracks from any sort of medium (games, movies, anime) and fits the series extremely well with its serene and calm music. Windy Tales definitely deserves a watch for any fan of slice of life or interesting animation styles.

Such determination in her gait.

Hanasaku Iroha

This anime series has a GOREGOUS art style, especially the scenery which is probably on par with 5cm Per Second (or also known as 5 wallpapers per second) in its beauty. Some might argue that this series is more romance than slice of life, however all the romantic aspects is not as overtly part of the story until the very end. Up until that point the series is about a feisty girl that’s trying to adjust to her new life working at her grandmother’s hot spring inn. It’s a very sweet anime with bits of drama spread throughout the entire series and is an entertaining watch to say the least.

That is the most beautifully drawn dumpster I have ever seen.

Usagi Drop

While Usagi Drop is not as lighthearted as the other anime but it’s a beautiful story about a bond formed a father and his adoptive daughter. Be forewarned though, watching this series might make you want a child, even for guys. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll “aww” until you can “aww” no more, Usagi Drop is an extremely comfy anime to watch while in a blanket burrito and I can’t recommend it enough. MAJOR NOTE: If you like the anime series, don’t read the manga. I understand that warning you guys might have the opposite effect but reading the manga might ruin the series for a lot of people. (For those wondering, I was alright with it. You know what I mean).


Humanity Has Declined (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)

I’m almost wary about recommending this next series as it’s not exactly “comfy” material but darn it, it’s my list and I’ll do whatever I want. Humanity Has Declined is an extremely surreal anime about the supposed end of the world and it is wrapped in a deceptively colorful and innocent looking exterior and will having you constantly asking yourself “Is this really happening?” While not typically slice of life as the anime I’ve mentioned above, it comes pretty close as we follow the main character, who remains unnamed throughout the series and is referred to as Watashi (which is “I” or “me” in Japanese; going to let you guys figure that one out yourselves). Everything is adorable in this anime, even the suicidal bread robot that’s suffering through an existential crisis.

Little do you know, it is riding on a very thin slice of sanity. (haha bread)

Be sure to check in next time when I recommend some comfy romance anime (be sure to catch it, guys, you might be able to pick up chicks that watch these anime and appreciate you watching them as well.)

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