KKS at PMX 2013

This past weekend, we attended Pacific Media Expo (PMX) and had a blast! While we were mainly there promoting theKKSshow on YouTube, we still managed to find time to attend some awesome panels and participate in fun activities! Jason partook (is that even a word?) in ninja training but more on that later. Here’s my highlight of the convention.

Each day was PACKED with activities to do but not so much that you have to pick between two that you really want to go to. Since we can only attend so many events, I will do my best to recap the best ones we have gone to. The first day we attended the Seoul Sausage panel, PMX’s FIRST Food Truck of Honor! If you’re passionate about Korean BBQ or a major foodie yourself, you should have heard of these guys as they were the CHAMPIONS on the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race Season 3. Yong and Ted Kim (sans Chef Chris Oh) talked to the audience about their inspirational stories and the start of Seoul Sausage. Like many Asian Americans, they were held to a high esteem of being a doctor or a lawyer by their parents but the brothers persevered into opening up a “Wheels on Meals”. The Kims did not let their parents know until they won the show and now their parents couldn’t be more proud of their success. This goes to show if you’re passionate about something, pursue it to the depths of hell!

The second day got so hectic that it made the first day felt like a meditation center. Seriously, the main lobby was filled with hundreds of cosplayers! By this point, it got hard to move around the Hilton Hotel but we managed to get to the places to we wanted. One of the hidden gems that PMX brought in was the Pump It Up arcade machine. Don’t know what that is? We didn’t either! It turns out to be a Dance Dance Revolution-like game but with K-Pop songs! The dance pad kind of resembles DDR one except all the arrows are diagonal and one extra “STOMP” button. Jason and I don’t listen to much K-Pop but he knew a few enough to dance to and played with a few other attendees. After seeing him struggle for a bit, I decided to get my feet wet myself by dancing to the Tetris theme song. An African American gentleman partnered up with me and needlessly to say, I got “served.” I also understood why Jason was struggling so much… We both were not used to the diagonal arrows because 1) we haven’t played a game like this in forever and 2) our muscle memories were forcing us to dance Up, Down, Left, Right, instead of the diagonal arrows. We definitely worked up a sweat and had tons of fun. We also managed to catch the Pump It Up tournament and let me tell you now, we were playing the game wrong. The contestants danced like the K-pop artists in the videos utilizing more of the rhythms and the memorization of the choreography. Jason and I walked out with our heads down in shame…

Being a couple of fatties that we are, we hit up the Day 2 Food Truck, White Rabbit, a Filipino Fusion style cuisine! Well, if you want me to be honest, we didn’t purposely go to it… Jason just followed his nose and we ended up in the back alley of the Hilton. A helpful staff member sold us on how good the food was and seeing how passionately he talked about White Rabbit’s Pork Tocino, I got that while Jason got the Beefsteak burrito. My god… Let me tell you that we have never tasted Filipino food before so our first experience was DEFINITELY an amazing one! So glad we didn’t go to Carl’s Jr again because that was pretty much all we ate the whole time we were at PMX.

Let us move on to the highlight of the third day and this is a funny one! Jason was suckered by a cute maid into participating the Blue Rose Academy’s Ninja Training. Split into 2 teams of 6, Jason’s team, the Kobra Kawaii (genius, I know) was pit against the vicious The Fire Ferrets in many battles such as Spear Throwing and Dodge Spears! The best one was Dodge Spear where Jason was the last man standing in his team. He fought well and busted the matrix to dodge all the balloon spears with elegance. But alas, he was speared by a woman 20 years his senior… He would like us to think he threw the game in respect for his elders but I think he really just slipped up. It’s okay Jason, we will all keep it a secret! Although his team lost that battle, they won a majority of the challenges and the overall war. The Kobra Kawaii was awarded with Pocky and Gold Chocolate coins!

Although this isn’t my first con, this was my FIRST PMX experience. The one thing that stood out to me was that it isn’t your typical “Anime” convention, in fact, it isn’t an “Anime” convention! Pacific Media Expo encompasses all Asian Culture so that’s why our recap on the first two day were on Korean-related events. So if you’re not THAT into the Japanese culture but other Asian cultures, PMX is the con for you! And if you have never been to a con before, I highly recommend PMX to be your first! It was much more intimate than larger conventions (such as Anime Expo & Comi Kaze); there is a large amount of attendees but not in an overwhelming sense where it was uncomfortable. It’s much easier to communicate with other attendees and it’s not as intimidating. The whole time we were there, it was, to my surprise at least, how comfortable I was throughout the 3 days of the convention. No constant bumping of shoulders, no having to check to floors so that you don’t step on someone’s cosplay or someone entirely, I got to actually enjoy the event instead of fretting over all the little things.

There is however one aspect of PMX that might inhibit how much fun you could be having while attending, being out of cosplay makes you the “odd one out”. Out of all the people that attended the event I would say that around 70% of them cosplayed. I’m not saying that it is necessary for one to cosplay to attend the event but that it would be more fun to do so. It’s also a great icebreaker for the typically shy.

In any case, PMX is a convention that’s great for those that have never attended conventions before or prefer the intimacy that comes with a smaller locale and it’s great for anyone that interested in Asian culture.

[While at the event, we got to meet some of you guys that remember us from other events (like the Magical Mirai event) and that’s always fun for us. With all that we do, it’s always motivating to meet fans of our work. If you guys attend an event, be sure to look out for us; we’ll give you free stuff! Be sure to catch us at the next con, Anime Los Angeles!]

EDIT: Here’s a cosplay compilation video by ChillyWilly at PMX!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE7qWHuS9fE’]

Now, enjoy this mini-gallery of the pictures we took there!



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