As many Japanese people protest against the restrictions on dancing, the guys at art space Asakusabashi Tensai Sansu Jyuku found a fun way to make fun of the regulations. Techno Udon is an event like any other clubbing event, except you dance on plastic bags filled with udon dough, so you’re not dancing, you’re actually kneading dough! After you finish kneading, the Techno Udon staff with cut and boil your udon for you to satisfy your hunger after a night of dancing kneading. How cool is that?

Fueiho was created in 1948 to regulate places of entertainment in Japan. The law restricts dancing to licensed places with floor space of 66 square meters or more, which is difficult to attain in crowded cities like Tokyo and Osaka. This part of the law was largely ignored until about a few years ago when violent incidents at clubs led to several deaths. The Japanese government is planning to change this old law by next year.


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