Kyary Pamyu Pamyu who is now on everyone’s watch just presented a vending machine she designed for the Coca-cola!  There are several designs to the vending machines and they will all be placed around Takeshita-dori, which is the main street of Harajuku.  If you are a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan you would know why the vending machines are going to be placed in Harajuku~ Kyary is the ultimate Harajuku girl and used to go there almost everyday when she was a high schooler. The design of the vending machine is well… very her! Kyary imagined the vending machine as a girl and how she would dressed ‘her’ up.  So Kyary stylized ‘her’ by putting a blond wig that has wires to express that crazy flow and a colorful skirt.  “My favorite part is that you have to put your hands up ‘her’ skirt to get change,” says Kyary.

Kyary’s vending machine

but the ones that is going to be placed around Harajuku is…

which is understandable but I would like to see the vending machine with the actual wig, skirt, and sneakers on the streets! haha

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